Kangoo Z.E. Highlights

Kangoo Z.E. Public chargers

Public chargers

Simply plug your New Kangoo Z.E. into a public charging terminal in shopping centre car parks, Renault Z.E. dealerships, etc. And why not charge up to 35km of range during your lunch hour at a 32A/230V 7kW terminal?

Kangoo Z.E. High-tech tools

High-tech tools

Bluetooth® connectivity and USB port, reversing camera, the smart Renault R-Link Evolution navigation system... a range of tools that make your work, and your life, easier. Plan your route, listen to your favourite music, and download apps via the R-Link Store (news, email, social networks)*.

*Data connection for apps required.

Kangoo Z.E. Simplified delivery

Simplified delivery

The sliding side doors and the 180°-opening asymmetrical rear doors ensure easy access for loading. With Kangoo Z.E., you can load up to 4.6m3 * of goods and obtain a payload of 650kg as standard. Open, load, locate, unload... Efficient deliveries guaranteed.

* With pivoting partition and passenger seat folded down.

Kangoo Z.E. Innovative convenience

Innovative convenience

A pioneer, leader* and image statement, New Kangoo Z.E. embodies your commitment to the planet and substantially shrinks your company's carbon footprint. Kangoo Z.E. has a payload of up to 650kg, within a usable volume of up to 4.6m3. With its 180°-opening rear doors and a load length of up to 2.89m, Kangoo opens up new horizons.

*European leader of electric van.

Kangoo Z.E.

Kangoo Z.E. Range & Colors


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