Terms & Conditions for Toss the Boss

  1. Entry; To enter you need to buy a car, that’s the catch.
  2. The Toss; You will not actually toss the boss
  • a. No throwing or moving of the boss’ around the dealership. They are sensitive souls and like there space.
  • b. You will be given a “COIN” one side has a boss (heads) the other has a coin flip in motion (tails)
    • i. You then will decide on which “Bonus” you would like.
  • c. Calling your shot;
  • i. Thou shalt take the coin in hand.
  • ii. Then thou shalt declare which result they desire
  • iii. Not once, not twice, not thrice but once
  • iv. The call shall be called and shalt be taken as gospel
  • v. Once thou has made thy call, thou shall throw thy coin
  • vi. Not over arm, not full strength, but a simple upwards flip
  • vii. Once thy coin has fallen the result shall be known
Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner; Congratulations!! No you didn’t win a chicken dinner, you have won the bonus of your choice…FOR FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!Happy Dance; Do a happy dance, If you ask we may join in