IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid Highlights

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid.<br>Two powertrains in perfect harmony.

IONIQ Plug-in Hybrid.
Two powertrains in perfect harmony.

The new and improved IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid seamlessly merges the advantages of a petrol engine with a rechargeable, electric powertrain, to deliver driving experiences that are simultaneously dynamic and sustainable. It's the best of both worlds, for today and tomorrow.

Standout features.

As luxurious and stylish as it is innovative and sustainable, the IONIQ Plug-In proves the world is ready and able to move to low-emission, alternative propulsion vehicles.

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid The best of both worlds. EV (Electric) Mode.

The best of both worlds. EV (Electric) Mode.

Simply switch between HEV (Hybrid) and EV (Electric) modes via the drive mode switch. By default, the Plug-in runs in EV mode, and is powered entirely by the electric motor. And when additional power is required, such as to provide heating during start-up, when driving up steep hills and under hard acceleration, the system will temporarily switch to HEV (Hybrid) mode.

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid HEV (Hybrid) mode.

HEV (Hybrid) mode.

HEV (Hybrid) mode is automatically activated when the high-voltage battery is depleted, or when manual mode (Sport drive mode) is selected via the gear lever or paddle shifters.

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid 10.25

10.25" multimedia touchscreen.

With Apple CarPlay™ and Android™[P2] Auto compatibility, your IONIQ takes the things you like doing with your smartphone while driving and puts them safely on your extra-large built-in display. Make calls, send and receive messages, listen to music and more, all in a way that allows you to stay focused on the road.

IONIQ Plug-In Hybrid

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