Autopact Protection Plan

We know buying a car can feel like a risky experience. Well in order to add another level of protection.

The Autopact Protection Plan is not an insurance policy. It is our OWN personal Mechanical Protection Plan, designed to ensure that your vehicle is maintained to the highest standard and to help protect you from costly repairs. It's peace of mind for everyone buying an eligible vehicle from one of our dealers.

Since 2014, 6417 people have upgraded.
Since 1995, we have saved our customers $2.4 million in repairs.

Quality Repairs

Quality Repairs by a franchised dealer with the latest technology, equipment and factory trained technicians.

Easy Claim

Easy to Claim...
Simply call one of our Service Departments.

You deal with us

You are dealing with a company that you know and trust and we stand by our workmanship 100%.

No Surprises

No Nasty Surprises as you have a guaranteed pre-established repair coverage*.

50% Payback

If you don't make a claim we pay back half the cost of the warranty.


“What do I have to do to maintain my Autopact PlatinumOne Protection Plan?

To enjoy the benefits of your Autopact PlatinumOne Protection Plan, your vehicle must be serviced by one of our Dealerships in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner's manual, during both the Manufacturer's Full Warranty and also our PlatinumOne Protection Plan (Diesel and Turbo Vehicles may require engine oil changed more frequently in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner's manual). It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to ensure these services are performed and that the service details are recorded correctly in your owner's handbook/manual.

“Will my Autopact PlatinumOne Protection Plan still be valid if I service at another Dealership?”

No - Failure to service your vehicle at an Autopact Dealership in accordance with the specifications set out in the owner's manual will void your Autopact PlatinumOne Protection Plan.

“Am I responsible for any maintenance on my vehicle?”

It is the responsibility of the Purchaser to check coolant and oil levels on a regular adequate basis. The Dealership will not be responsible for failure due to lack of oil or coolant.

“Is there a $ limit on repairs that the Autopact PlatinumOne Protection Plan will cover?”

Yes – the dollar value limit depends on your coverage level. See copy of your contract for information about the coverage levels.

“What are the Limits of Liability?”

Limits of liability of this Contract shall be those indicated under “LIMITS OF LIABILITY” shown on the Customer Contract page as issued to the Purchaser. Please note that there is a maximum amount that can be claimed for any one repair, and depending on the Type of Plan issued to you, there may be an overall limit of liability.

More benefits to you

Greater Reassurance

Peace of mind that you are covered when you will need it most.*


We offer interest free, no fee payment plans to help ease the stress of upfront payment so you can protect your vehicle from day one.

Add Value To Your Vehicle

Should you decide to sell privately, you will have added value to your vehicle as a result of consistent, regular servicing with an Autopact Protection Plan.*

No Excess

Absolutely No excess payable on claims – none.

Quality Repairs

All servicing and repairs are performed by qualified technicians using the latest technology and equipment to ensure the value of your vehicle is protected.*